Resilient and Latency-Aware Orchestration of Network Slices Using Multi-Connectivity in MEC-Enabled 5G Networks

  title={Resilient and Latency-Aware Orchestration of Network Slices Using Multi-Connectivity in MEC-Enabled 5G Networks},
  author={Prabhu Kaliyammal Thiruvasagam and Abhishek Chakraborty and C. Siva Ram Murthy},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management},
Network slicing and multi-access edge computing (MEC) are new paradigms which play key roles in 5G and beyond networks. In particular, network slicing allows network operators (NOs) to divide the available network resources into multiple logical network slices (NSs) for providing dedicated virtual networks tailored to the specific service/business requirements. MEC enables NOs to provide diverse ultra-low latency services for supporting the needs of different industry verticals by moving… Expand
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