Resilience and professional chaplaincy: a paradigm shift in focus.


Research into the area of resilience provides a challenge and a great opportunity for professional chaplaincy. In this article, we will consider the challenge that the research primarily of George Bonanno of Columbia University offers to the traditional, clinical perspectives and assessments of professional chaplains serving in health care. Secondly, we will propose the practical implications for a wider paradigm and an expanded focus on intentionality and interventions of chaplains. Resilience is seen as a positive response possibility for those facing potentially traumatic events. It is understood to be a predominant response to traumatic events more often than the grief recovery model usually presumed to be active. Resilience has heuristic value and merits being factored in to professional chaplaincy as it relates to patient assessment, interventions, interdisciplinary care, staff and corporate support, and transcultural usefulness.

DOI: 10.1080/08854726.2014.869994

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