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Residues of bosonic string scattering amplitudes and the Lauricella functions

  title={Residues of bosonic string scattering amplitudes and the Lauricella functions},
  author={Sheng-Hong Lai and Jen-Chi Lee and Yi Yang},
  • Sheng-Hong Lai, Jen-Chi Lee, Yi Yang
  • Published 17 September 2021
  • Physics, Mathematics
Abstract We calculate explicitly residues of all n-point Koba-Nielsen (KN) amplitudes by using on-shell recursion relation of string scattering amplitudes (SSA). In addition, we show that the residues of all SSA including the KN amplitudes can be expressed in terms of the Lauricella functions. This result demonstrates the exact SL(K +3,C) symmetry of the tree-level open bosonic string theory. Moreover, we derive an iteration relation among the residues of a given SSA. This iteration relation is… Expand

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