Residual strength and creep behaviour on the slip surface of specimens of a landslide in marine origin clay shales: influence of pore fluid composition

  title={Residual strength and creep behaviour on the slip surface of specimens of a landslide in marine origin clay shales: influence of pore fluid composition},
  author={Caterina Di Maio and Gianvito Scaringi and Roberto Vassallo},
Active landslides in clay shales are widespread in Mediterranean countries. One of their characteristics is that the mobilized shear strength corresponds to the residual strength. The residual friction angle of clays depends on pore fluid composition which, in formations of marine origin, could have changed after emersion from the sea because of a number of processes, e.g., contact with rain or fresh water. This study aims at evaluating the influence of pore fluid composition and of its changes… 
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