Residual feed intake and blood variables in young Nellore cattle.

  title={Residual feed intake and blood variables in young Nellore cattle.},
  author={Carolina Fernanda Moys{\'e}s do Nascimento and Renata Helena Branco and Sarah Figueiredo Martins Bonilha and Joslaine Noely dos Santos Gonçalves Cyrillo and Jo{\~a}o Alberto Negr{\~a}o and Maria E.Z. Mercadante},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={93 3},
This study was conducted to evaluate associations of performance traits, feed efficiency, and blood variables with residual feed intake (RFI) in growing Nellore cattle. A total of 118 growing Nellore animals, 62 males and 56 females, were used. A diet containing 2 Mcal/kg was offered ad libitum and individual DMI was measured over a period of 84 d. Animals were classified as low (≤0.128 kg/d; = 40), medium (-0.128 to 0.135 kg/d; = 42), or high RFI (>0.135 kg/d; = 36). Blood samples were… CONTINUE READING