Resident cardiac stem cells.

  title={Resident cardiac stem cells.},
  author={Caterina Frati and Monia Savi and Gallia Graiani and Costanza Anna Maria Lagrasta and Stefano Cavalli and Lucia Prezioso and Pietro Rossetti and Chiara Mangiaracina and Francesca Ferraro and Denise Madeddu and Ezio Musso and Donatella Stilli and Alessandra Rossini and Angela Falco and Antonella De Angelis and Francesco Rossi and Konrad Urbanek and Annarosa Leri and Jan Kajstura and Piero Anversa and Eugenio L. Quaini and Federico Quaini},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={17 30},
The introduction of stem cells in cardiology provides new tools in understanding the regenerative processes of the normal and pathologic heart and opens new options for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The feasibility of adult bone marrow autologous and allogenic cell therapy of ischemic cardiomyopathies has been demonstrated in humans. However, many unresolved questions remain to link experimental with clinical observations. The demonstration that the heart is a self-renewing organ… CONTINUE READING


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