Reshaping the cornea: which laser profiles should we use?

  title={Reshaping the cornea: which laser profiles should we use?},
  author={Thomas Kohnen},
  journal={Journal of cataract and refractive surgery},
  volume={34 8},
Laser vision correction (LVC) has grown with tremendous speed over the past decade. In addition to the choice of surface (photorefractive keratectomy, laser-assisted epithelial keratectomy, epi-laser in situ keratomileusis [LASIK]) or lamellar (LASIK, femtoLASIK) treatments, the surgeon now has to select a laser profile for myopic, hyperopic, or astigmatic treatment. Wavefront-guided, wavefront-optimized (aspheric) and topography-guided ablation are the most advanced and frequently used… CONTINUE READING
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