Resection of presumed benign liver tumours.

  title={Resection of presumed benign liver tumours.},
  author={Jacques Belghiti and Dominique Pateron and Yves Panis and Val{\'e}rie Vilgrain and Jean François Fl{\'e}jou and J. P. Benhamou and François F{\'e}k{\'e}t{\'e}},
  journal={The British journal of surgery},
  volume={80 3},
UNLABELLED The surgical treatment of benign liver tumours (focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH) and hepatic adenoma) remains controversial. From 1984 to 1990, all 51 women aged below 50 years who presented with presumed benign liver tumours and without chronic liver disease underwent tumour resection. Preoperative assessment included liver tests, ultrasonography and dynamic computed tomography in all patients, plus angiography (n = 20), magnetic resonance imaging (n = 22) and technetium-sulphur… CONTINUE READING
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