Resection of giant schwannoma by combined surgical exposure.

  title={Resection of giant schwannoma by combined surgical exposure.},
  author={Elissa Kadar and N Kisfaludi and S{\'a}ndor Czirj{\'a}k and Ferenc Jakab},
  journal={Acta chirurgica Hungarica},
  volume={36 1-4},
Contrary to the past experience the giant Schwannoma with symptoms of canalis vertebralis compression has been removed by combined surgical exposure in one sitting. Laminectomy, decompression of the canalis vertebralis and immediately subsequent extracanalicular resection of the tumour by retroperitoneal approach was performed in one sitting by two surgical teams. The advantages of the combined surgical exposure: 1. The affliction of the patients caused by the operation significantly decreased… CONTINUE READING