Researching the acceptability of using Skype to provide Speech and Language Therapy

  title={Researching the acceptability of using Skype to provide Speech and Language Therapy},
  author={Rebecca Alison Matthews and Bencie Woll and Michael Clarke},
  journal={International Journal of Integrated Care},
In the current economic climate, whilst the demand for health services, including Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) continues to rise, there is pressure to reduce health service budgets, Tele-technology—the use of tele-communication technology to link patient and clinician remotely—could potentially provide a solution to meeting the demand for SLT with reduced resources. However, only a few SLT services in the United Kingdom (UK) have reported on using tele-technology to provide their service… 
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The diagnostic confidence of the remote test using the remote articulation test system was significantly higher than the face-to-face session as well as the session using the existing web video system.
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A remote articulation test system with multimedia communication has been developed in order that outside speech-language-hearing therapists (STs) can exam pronunciations of the students in special
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