Researching Life Stories: Method, Theory and Analyses in a Biographical Age

  title={Researching Life Stories: Method, Theory and Analyses in a Biographical Age},
  author={Dan Goodley and Rebecca Lawthom and Peter J. Clough and Michelle Moore},
Part 1: Four Life Stories: 1. Gerry O' Toole: A Design for Life 2. ' I'd never met a vegetarian, never mind a lesbian': Colleen's story 3. Research and Narrative and the Death Story of David Hope 4. 'Frank' Part 2: Doing Life Story Research 5. Approaching: Methodology in Life Story Research 6. Doing: Method in Life Story Research 7. Informing: Epistemology in Life Story Research Part 3: Making Sense of Life Stories 8. Frameworks: Analyses in Life Story Research 9. Findings: Four Analyses of… 
Migrant life stories and the Web: the experience of having your life story made public
The life stories of migrants are increasingly being told, as part of the work of cultural organizations, and websites are well suited to making such life story projects accessible to the public.
Teaching with the End in Mind: A Teacher's Life History as a Legacy of Educational Leaders
The purpose of this study was to understand the life history of a female teacher by examining her beliefs about leaving a teaching legacy and by analyzing the narratives of four educational leaders
Rediscovering the political dimension of the personal life story: results from an intergenerational narrative learning project with older adults in South Westphalia
Abstract Using qualitative interviews, focus groups, storytelling and collective journaling, the life experiences of people in a local village community, in South Westphalia, Germany, born between
Narrative Analysis: DNA Testing and Collaborative Knowledge-Building in a CFS/ME Forum
In the human and social sciences, the study of narrative has occupied a central place in understanding health and illness. Indeed, narrative has become something of a privileged medium for accessing
Digital Life-Story Narratives as Data for Policy Makers and Practitioners: Thinking Through Methodologies for Large-Scale Multimedia Qualitative Datasets
Digital life stories have been solicited, archived, and Web-cast by organizations and individuals as a way of amplifying marginalized voices in the public domain. Despite the now large collections of
Urban distress and political narrative: Life stories of local leaders in a poor, underprivileged suburb and the reconstruction of urban order
This study discusses the relations between life stories, political narratives and attitudes towards social problems taken by local leaders living in a poor, underprivileged suburb. Using the
Feelings Research: Methods and Analysis
This chapter considers research data collection methods, ethics and analysis relevant to collaborative action research. It looks at practical outlooks which point towards ways to carry out ‘feelings’
Narrative Empowerment through Comics Storytelling: Facilitating the Life Stories of the Intellectually Disabled
In this essay I elaborate an approach to helping the intellectually disabled construct their own life narratives. The study brings together insights from several areas of research: autobiographical
The role of the narrator in narrative inquiry in education: construction and co-construction in two case studies
This paper explores narratives as an effective means of capturing multiple identities of research participants in complex social environments in education research. In doing so, it explores the role
A personal journey through ‘moments’: doctoral research into parents who rock climb
This paper is a confessional tale, which summarizes the author's doctoral research journey into parents who rock climb. The historical moments in qualitative research are used to frame an evolving