Researches Upon Nemerteans and Planarians

  title={Researches Upon Nemerteans and Planarians},
  author={Charles Girard},

Obligate planktotrophy in the Götte’s larva of Stylochus ellipticus (Platyhelminthes)

Simple methods for rearing planktotrophic flatworms to metamorphosis are developed and initial descriptions of late larval and early juvenile forms in S. ellipticus are provided, providing an important contrast between larval development in obligate plankTotrophs and development in non-feeding species.

Building a light-sheet microscope to study the early development of the polyclad flatworm Maritigrella crozieri (Hyman, 1939)

This work increased the current knowledge of the early development of the polyclad flatworm M. crozieri, which facilitates evolutionary comparisons of the development of different flatworms and lophotrochozoans more broadly and can contribute to addressing the homology of marine larvae.

Phylogeny of Polycladida (Platyhelminthes) based on mtDNA data

The results suggest that, within Acotylea, the prostatoid organs of Discocelis may have been derived from a prostatic vesicle, and the genus Hoploplana could be included in Stylochoidea.

Put a tiger in your tank: the polyclad flatworm Maritigrella crozieri as a proposed model for evo-devo

An overview of M. crozieri and its development is given, the advantages and current limitations of this animal as a potential evo-devo model are highlighted and current lines of research are discussed.