[Research progress of stochastic resonance in neural models].


In nonlinear systems, noise can improve the responses of the systems with appropriate noise intensity. This phenomenon is called stochastic resonance. Biological neural systems are noisy and stochastic resonance has been found in them experimentally and theoretically. Now many researches focus on the signal transmission and processing in neural models. So… (More)

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@article{Liang2009ResearchPO, title={[Research progress of stochastic resonance in neural models].}, author={Xiaobing Liang and Xishun Liu and Anzhi Liu and Boliang Wang}, journal={Sheng wu yi xue gong cheng xue za zhi = Journal of biomedical engineering = Shengwu yixue gongchengxue zazhi}, year={2009}, volume={26 4}, pages={912-6} }