Research perspectives concerning asbestos minerals and their effects on biological systems


The interaction of asbestos minerals with biological materials is under intensive investigation throughout the world today. Physical scientists should be responsible for the selection of fibers, and their varietal types, for biological studies; they should characterize these experimental materials physically and chemically to the level of sophistication which currently exists in their fields; they should develop definitive assay methods to monitor changes in such characteristics after biological residence; they should actively participate in the formulation of theories or mechanisms of particle interaction in biological systems.Physical scientists should begin the characterization of minerals in the environment and the determination of ambient fiber levels in air and potable water supplies. Such characterization of the environment requires standardized instrumentation and preparation techniques. Acquisition of data in numbers large enough to achieve statistical significance requires the development of automated counting strategies. Instrumentation and software have yet to be developed. The training of physical scientists in environmental areas is lagging behind current national needs and must be accelerated.

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