Research on the key techniques of wireless communication for emergency information system

  • Zhigang Yang
  • Published 2010 in
    2010 3rd International Conference on Computer…


As China's continuous improvement in the degree of information, the wireless communication network has covered all regions of the country, and information has also brought a great deal of information network security issues. In this paper, firstly, the information security emergency response procedures and disposal system are proposed according to the comprehensive analysis of weak links in information security defense system. Secondly, the OFDM - MIMO and the support vector machine technologies are applied to deal with unexpected information security incidents. Experiment results show that these technologies are reasonable in practical application. Finally, an example for specific application is given to clarify the processes of information security emergency response. The risks and potential losses met by important social information systems can be reduced through the timely detection, tracking, analysis and recognition of a major hazard information security incident and proper response. it is very important to strengthen information security emergency response capabilities in the future.

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