Research on the improved image watermarking algorithm


This paper presents a new method of image digital watermarking to protect its authority. The watermark is embedded in the complex wavelet domain of relative coordinates line. We improved an image watermarking algorithm, using the standard Dual Tree- Complex Wavelet Transform filters of the (13-19) taps near orthogonal filters at level 1 together with the 14-tap Q-shift filters at levels not less than 2. We compared the results with alternative deconvolution algorithms; the method of PRECGDT-CWT performs better than all the other methods tested and the published results on similar deconvolution experiments.

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@article{Zhang2012ResearchOT, title={Research on the improved image watermarking algorithm}, author={Jiuhua Zhang and Guangpu He and Min Li}, journal={2012 International Conference on Computational Problem-Solving (ICCP)}, year={2012}, pages={495-499} }