Research on the drawing and display technology of IETM fault tree


The graphical display of the fault tree is urgently needed for the equipment in fault diagnosis and reliability analysis, while the practical application of the fault tree drawing and display is mostly achieved under the Client/Server(C/S) mode which lacks portability, universality. Thus, a fault tree graphic drawing software based on Visio Drawing Control 2007 has been proposed by using C# language and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 development environment for secondary development. Moreover, Visio Viewer Control helps display fault tree by means of Web browser. Development practice shows that the combination of secondary development of fault tree drawing software under the C/S mode and display fault tree under the Browser/Server(B/S) mode has effectively improved the using scope and scalability of the fault tree. Which has laid a solid foundation for fault diagnosis based on fault tree.

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@article{Li2016ResearchOT, title={Research on the drawing and display technology of IETM fault tree}, author={Aiguo Li and Peng Zhang and Pu Wang}, journal={2016 IEEE Advanced Information Management, Communicates, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (IMCEC)}, year={2016}, pages={580-584} }