Research on the controllable frequency octupling technology for generating optical millimeter-wave by external modulator

  title={Research on the controllable frequency octupling technology for generating optical millimeter-wave by external modulator},
  author={Xiaoxiao Li and Jianming Shang and Shanglin Hou and Daobin Wang and Yanjun Liu and Jingli Lei and Li-hua Yuan},
  journal={Acta Optica Sinica},
A novel scheme is proposed for frequency octupling mm-wave generation based on an integrated triple-parallel MZM without filter. Two kinds of redundant sidebands are well eliminated by adopting 90 degrees of the electric phase-difference about two sub Mach-Zehnder modulators (sub-MZMs), driven by radio frequency (RF) signal. Then bias of the third sub-MZM is tailored to get best signal. The results indicate that the radio frequency spurious suppression ratio (RFSSR) is as high as 38.3315 dB… 

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