Research on the Time-space Alignment Model of Strip Steel Physical Parameters


In order to obtain complete quality data of a volume of rolled strip steel, a data acquisition and analysis system is designed based on high speed industrial Internet, which collects real-time parameters of strip size and shape. This paper investigates a method and a calculation model for spatial-temporal alignment of the collected multi-sensory data, which can be used to establish precise correspondence between the actual space location on the strip steel and the associated parameter values. Based on the relations between each strip steel parameter and the associated position along the strip steel length direction, the corresponding relations between strip steel quality data and strip steel position was established, and the formula of calculation was given. At the same time, the paper analyzes the error source of strip steel length calculation and presents the revision algorithm model of strip steel length. Field test results indicate that the strip steel location error is smaller than 0.5 meter and the method provides a general reference for similar industrial production lines.

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