Research on the Integration of GIS-Based Digital Valley System


Geographic information systems (GIS) have become increasingly valuable tools in hydrology & hydrodynamic modeling and have been used in the evaluation of integrative development and utilization of water resource in many ways. These may relate to the coupling of hydrology & hydrodynamic models and GIS system, collaborative work of heterogenous… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/IMSCCS.2006.118


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@article{Shi2006ResearchOT, title={Research on the Integration of GIS-Based Digital Valley System}, author={Songxin Shi and Xiuzi Ye and Zhaoxia Dong and Huamin Zhou}, journal={First International Multi-Symposiums on Computer and Computational Sciences (IMSCCS'06)}, year={2006}, volume={1}, pages={452-457} }