Research on the Flotation of Low Grade Copper-Nickle Ore

  title={Research on the Flotation of Low Grade Copper-Nickle Ore},
  author={Zheng Bin Deng and Tong Tong Xiong and Xiao Wang and Qing Zhao and Xian Da Xie and Xiang Wen Lv},
  booktitle={CIT 2014},
Effect of grinding fineness and inhibitors on mixed flotation of low copper and nickel were studied and a new nickel inhibitor YS was used in the process of separation of copper and nickel. The results indicated that the high-quality mixed concentrate with the recoveries of Cu and Ni 76% and 65.6% and the grade of Cu and Ni were 4.66% and 4.3%, respectively, was got under the condition of sodium silicate (200 g/t), CMC (200 g/t), copper sulphate200 g/t, amyl xanthate 100 g/t and pine oil 30 g/t… CONTINUE READING

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