Research on research.

  title={Research on research.},
  author={Martin Enserink},
  volume={361 6408},
  • M. Enserink
  • Published 21 September 2018
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Science
The number of scientists who study science itself is growing rapidly, driven in part by the realization that science isn9t always the rigorous, objective search for knowledge it9s supposed to be. Editors of medical journals, embarrassed by the quality of the papers they were publishing, began to turn the lens of science on their own profession decades ago, creating a new field now named "journalology." More recently, psychologists have taken the lead, plagued by existential doubts after many… 
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Meta-research in pharmacy: Time for a look in the mirror.
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The goals of this commentary are to introduce pharmacy researchers to the concept of meta- Research on research, discuss several examples ofmeta-research in pharmacy, and motivate the importance of sustained meta-research efforts in pharmacy.
Ethics: What is the Research Scenario in the Brazilian Symposium SBQS?
An overview of ethical aspects through the publications of the Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality (SBQS) between 2006 and 2020 concludes that there is broad space to explore the theme of Computational Ethics combined with Software Quality.
Controversies about the cardiovascular effects of OM3FA. Did inappropriate placebos skew clinical trial results?
It seems useful in future RCTs the use of a truly inert substance as a placebo, as well as the outline of a semi quantitative dose-response curve suggestive of a causal nexus between active substances and their outcomes.
Metascience in Bioinformation
Metascience refers to the systematic process that uncovers, builds, evaluates, organizes and disseminates scientific advances to combat the debilitating effects of “false information” on health related data and its constituents.
Science Research - Looking in the Mirror.
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