Research on network search engine performance appraisal system


To make the evaluation of search engine performance more scientific and systematic, this paper uses the Analytic Hierarchy Process method to build the search engine performance appraisal system. The paper presents the key indicators which impact the performance of Web search engine. By constructing discriminate matrix, computing the relative weighting and verifying the consistency we determine the index weights, and then calculates the search engine performance evaluation result. Finally, the article is validated through the application of the evaluation system, the result shows that the appraisal system is more scientific and rational, and it has a certain value.

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@article{Tianyu2010ResearchON, title={Research on network search engine performance appraisal system}, author={Zhang Tianyu and Zhangyingpeng}, journal={The 2nd International Conference on Information Science and Engineering}, year={2010}, pages={6047-6050} }