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Research on human memory enhancement by phosphatidylserine fortified milk

  title={Research on human memory enhancement by phosphatidylserine fortified milk},
  author={Tang Yong and Zhang Qianyong and Mi Mantian and Hu Gang and Wen Jing},
Objective To research whether phosphatidylserine (PS) fortified milk may have beneficial effects on memory of human being. Methods 120students at the age of 17-18were randomized to receive either 250mL PS-milk which was added with 50%of PB to 0.08% (100mg PS) and placebo (250mL milk) for 40days.Memory assessed by clinical memory scale with computerized multimedia method (CM) before and after consumption of milk. Results There was no significant changement (P>0.05) of MQ (memory quotation) and… 
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