Research on energy balance in hierarchical clustering protocol architecture for WSN


For proper and efficient design of wireless sensor network, minimum energy consumption within the sensors and a longer lifespan of sensor network has been posing a serious challenge for the engineers and scientists. Clustering infrastructure which allows efficient use of available resource has great potential in solving the problems of resource limited wireless sensor network. Attempts are made in this paper to propose a new routing algorithm that have been named as Hierarchical LEACH (H-LEACH) and Hierarchical LEACH-DT (H-LEACH-DT) which are basically hierarchical extensions of existing LEACH and LEACH-DT protocols respectively. Further simulation based performance evaluation of the proposed two schemes has been compared with LEACH and LEACH-DT protocols. The outcome of the paper suggest that hierarchical routing protocols perform much better than LEACH and LEACH-DT protocols which will ultimately lead to improvement of the lifetime of the WSN.

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