[Research on application of fluorescence spectrum imaging method in Banlangen granule quality evaluation].


The curative effect of Banlangen granule is directly affected by its quality, so it is very important to choose a kind of effective method for testing it. The chemical treatment is needed as a pre-treatment for the quality testing by using common method at present, which will change or destroy the sample. For dealing with this problem, in the present paper, a fluorescence spectrum imaging experimental system based on LCTF (liquid crystal tunable filter) is set up to detect the characteristics fluorescence spectrum of Banlangen granules. The characteristic fluorescence spectrum curve of Banlangen standard material provided by Chinese Food Drugs Examination Research Institute is used as a reference substance for a comparison with other Banlangen granules. By normalizing the corresponding characteristic fluorescence spectrum of Banlangen granules of different raw materials, different manufacturers and different batches, the relationship between the characteristic fluorescence spectrum curve and the quality of Banlangen granule is discussed by using the method of comparative and cluster analysis. The experimental results show that the qualities of Banlangen granules are quite different from different manufacturers, which are basically reflected by the change in the intensity of fluorescence and peak position. All of these indicate that fluorescence spectrum imaging technology is a simple, rapid and nondestructive detection method for the quality control of Banlangen granule.

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