Research on a novel bionic robot mechanism for power transmission lines inspection


Robotics has yet become an advanced and reliable technology widely deployed in practical application of power transmission lines inspection for the purpose of stretching the reach of the lineman's arm and eyes. However, as in some hostile environments, excellent climbing performance and maneuverability remain as the greatest challenges and always can't be achieved simultaneously for the existing inspection robots. To overcome the problem, this paper presents a novel bionic robot mechanism on the basis of imitating human beings climb up the tree. After a brief introduction of environment features and motion requirements, the climbing motion of human beings is studied and the mechanical design of robot is accomplished. And then the kinematics equations are deduced, the force conditions are discussed and optimized. Furthermore, the motion sequences of negotiating two kind of typical obstacles are planned. Finally, some simulation has been carried out and the simulation results show that the mechanism can achieved the expected goals.

DOI: 10.1109/ROBIO.2016.7866516

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