Research on UBL5 gene and its product structure and function.

  title={Research on UBL5 gene and its product structure and function.},
  author={Shang ShuJiao and Zhou Yan and Lou XingLiang and Gao Shumin and Fan Chunxia},
Orthologs of UBL5 almost occur in every eukaryotic genome.UBL5 plays an important role in H2B monoubiquitination,pre-mRNA splicing,cell cycle regulation,energy metabolism,stress,etc.UBL5 is a novel class of the UBL protein family.The tertiary structure of UBL5 is similar to that of ubiquition and ubiquition-like proteins;however,UBL5 contains a C-terminal di-tyrosine motif instead of the conserved di-glycine.All those are based on plenty of references and the research about cloning UBL5 from… CONTINUE READING

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