Research on Social Work Practice

  title={Research on Social Work Practice},
  author={Dean L Fixsen and Karen A. Blase and Sandra F. Naoom and Frances Wallace},
  journal={Research on Social Work Practice},
  pages={459 - 459}
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Shaping a Science of Social Work

Social workers provide more social services to populations across the life span than any other human service profession, including psychiatry, nursing, and psychology. The scientific methodologies

Social Work: Value-Guided Practice for a Global Society

Acknowledgments1. Value-Guided Practice in a Global Society: An Introduction2. Organizing the Ideas of Social Work3. Ethical Practice Toward Social Justice and Human Well-Being: Local and Global4.

Parents’ preferences on the content of a 3D-school group work bullying programme: a needs assessment

ABSTRACT National and international research studies that involve parents for obtaining their insight on content of school bullying prevention programmes are minimal. The purpose of this research

Toward Evidence-Based Practice with Domestic Violence Perpetrators

ABSTRACT This review examines the policy and practice of interventions with male perpetrators of domestic violence in light of the widely accepted principles of evidence-based practice. Thus far,

Peer Attachment, Fathering, Social Media Use and Perception of Premarital Sexual Attitude among Teenagers

This study aimed to analyze the links among peer attachment, fathering, social media use, and the perception of premarital sexual among adolescents. Two hundred and four high school (SMA) students

Groupwork with Men Who Batter: What the Research Literature Indicates

VAWnet is a project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. “The small psycho-education groups we call batterer intervention programs (BIPs) seem to achieve documented positive changes

Roundtable on the Future of Justice Policy Examining Violence in the United States: Implications for Justice Policy and Practice

The ecological approach to the study of crime and violence represents one of the most distinctive, enduring, and empirically supported paradigms of criminological research. At its heart, this

The Assimilation of Evidence-Based Healthcare Innovations: A Management-Based Perspective

Data gathered from top managers and external consultants directly involved with these long-term EBHI implementation efforts provide preliminary support for predicted positive linkages between strategic fit and climate; climate and fidelity; and fidelity and assimilation.

Substance Abuse Interventions for Parents Involved in the Child Welfare System

Overall, research suggests the following program components may be effective with substance-abusing women with children: (1) Women-centered treatment that involves children, (2) Specialized health and mental health services, (3) Home visitation services, and (4) Concrete assistance.



A Survey of Social Work Research Centers

A survey of Social Work Research Centers (SWRCs) in North America produced results from 8 Canadian and 37 U.S. SWRCs. The number of SWRCs and the proportion directed by women has increased since

Guidelines for Building Research Centers in Schools of Social Work

Guidelines for the initiation and management of social work research centers are provided and discussed in relation to the author's experiences in directing research efforts in a variety of administrative roles and contexts.

Social ties: subgroup differences in costs and benefits.

The mobilization of social support was associated with better psychological well-being for women with greater personal resources, but not for those with lower levels of personal resources.

In Search of Program Implementation: 792 Replications of the Teaching-Family Model

Abstract This article discusses a solution-oriented and incremental approach to solving major social problems. If we are to solve important social problems such as child abuse, delinquency, and

Practice Effectiveness: More Grounds for Optimism

social work practice in the United States. The first two reviews {Fischer, 1973; Wood, 1978) summarized ex periments that consistently reported findings suggesting that direct social work practice

A Report on Progress in the Development of Research Resources in Social Work

This report on progress deals with the development of research resources within the field of social work since the 1991 report of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Task Force on social

A conceptual framework for transferring research to practice.

  • D. Simpson
  • Psychology
    Journal of substance abuse treatment
  • 2002

Bridging the gap between the science and service of HIV prevention: transferring effective research-based HIV prevention interventions to community AIDS service providers.

The dissemination package that provided ASOs with implementation manuals, staff training workshops, and follow-up consultation resulted in more frequent adoption and use of the research-based HIV prevention intervention for gay men, women, and other client populations.

Diffusion of innovations in service organizations: systematic review and recommendations.

A parsimonious and evidence-based model for considering the diffusion of innovations in health service organizations, clear knowledge gaps where further research should be focused, and a robust and transferable methodology for systematically reviewing health service policy and management are discussed.

A Comparison of Treatment Environments in Community-Based Group Homes for Adolescent Offenders

Evaluations of community-based programs for delinquents have usually addressed differential outcomes or cost-efficiency, but generally ignored the treatment environments themselves. Yet milieu