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Research on PM emission and energy consumption of mixed traffic flow based on cellular automata FI model

  title={Research on PM emission and energy consumption of mixed traffic flow based on cellular automata FI model},
  author={Dong Xu Chen and Yanping Huang and Xue Wang and Minqiang Tan and Bing-ling Cen},
  journal={arXiv: Cellular Automata and Lattice Gases},
Traffic congestion leads to a sharp increase in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, which easily leads to air pollution and fuel waste. Based on Fukui-Ishibashi (FI) model, this paper studies particulate matter(PM) emission and energy dissipation of traffic flow by considering the maximum speed, mixing ratio and random slowing probability. Simulation results show that the energy dissipation of the traffic flow consisting of the same length and different maximum velocity is associated with… 



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Based on NaSch model, energy consumption in the mixed traffic flow was investigated. The formula of energy consumption was presented. There are three factors of mixed traffic flow to be studied,

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The fundamental diagrams, i.e., the average speed-car density relations, for the Fukui-Ishibashi one-dimensional traffic flow cellular automaton model of high speed vehicles with stochastic delay are obtained in excellent agreement with simulation data.

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