Research on Organizational Support Strategy to International Expatriates' Work-Family Balance


With the deepening of Chinese enterprises' internationalization, global allocation of human resources has become an inevitable trend, more and more workers are in face of the internationalization of their own career. Work-family conflict, which is caused by international assignment, has become an important factor affecting the development of enterprises and individual career. The more intense an expatriate's work-family conflict is, the less desire the expatriate has to remain working overseas, the worse he or she performs, and the more obvious tendency of transferring post and early departure is. This paper first analyses the types and causes of expatriates' family problem. Then, from the institutional and procedure level, and the prophase, metaphase and anaphase of assignment, the paper brings forward some organizational support strategies, to help expatriates solve their family problems, achieve a harmonious amalgamation between staff's career success and family happiness and a double-win between enterprises and staff.

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