Research on Human Capital and Talent Gravitation Model of Industrial Cluster

  • Chen Fang, H S Bei
  • Published 2009 in
    2009 Fourth International Conference on Computer…


It has continuously received universal attention from various local authority and academic circles about the issue that why and how the Industrial Cluster can attract the talents. This article introduced the magnetic field concept to promulgate the rule of talent agglomeration in the Industrial Cluster, where the human resources quantity, quality and structure can be changed through the Magnetic Effect which attracts the talents and the symbiotic effect which caused by the gathering of the talents, thus further promotes the Industrial Cluster's economical development; Meanwhile, Based on the gravitation principle and the special social characteristic of the talents gravitation, this article adopted three variables including the competitive power of talents in Industrial Cluster, the human capital and the distance between the Industrial Cluster and talents, further derived the talents' gravitation model of the Industrial Cluster, and researched the application of the talent gravitation model, and has therefore analyzed the talent's gravitation of the Industrial Cluster from the mathematical perspective.

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