Research on Green Suppliers' Evaluation Based on AHP & Genetic Algorithm

  • Ge Yan
  • Published 2009 in
    2009 International Conference on Signal…


With the green supply chain growing up, the evaluation optical selection of green suppliers increasingly becomes the key points of the recycling economy and green environmental protection industry. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), a commonly used quantitative research method, is the widely used evaluation indicator solution. The genetic algorithm which is one of the major technologies of intelligent calculation, with adaptively dynamic adjustment and global optimization capability, has been widely used in combinatorial optimization, machine learning, signal processing, adaptive control and artificial life. Based on the characteristics of the two methods, the paper designs a program making real-time feedback of information according to AHP, adopting genetic algorithm combined with AHP dynamic adjusting green supplier evaluation index weights, to further enhance the objectivity and efficiency of the system evaluation of green suppliers and reduce the asymmetric information on the green supply chain for the promotion of information technology for green industry.

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