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Research on Ghosting of Parallax Barrier Displays

  title={Research on Ghosting of Parallax Barrier Displays},
  author={Wen Jiang-tao and Hu Yao-hui and Lv Guo-qiang and Qian Xin and Song Zhi-cheng},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Liquid Crystals and Displays},
The commercial application of stereoscopic displays based on parallax barrier are restricted with ghosting.In this paper,the theoretical reason of ghosting is analyzed from the aspects of Panum's area and viewing zones.An optic structural model of the displays is built,and formulas of the pixels intensity that are seen by human eyes are also deduced.A method of ghosting definition is given,the relation curve between the extent of ghosting and the distance of the viewer and the screen is… Expand

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