Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Network Marketing Performance in O2O Model-Measuring by GIOWA Operator

  title={Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Network Marketing Performance in O2O Model-Measuring by GIOWA Operator},
  author={Wanxin Xue and Yilei Pei and Dandan Li},
  journal={J. Electron. Commer. Organ.},
O2O is a new E-Commerce model, and has become an important strategy for the development of enterprises, which can improve not only corporate performance, but also corporate recognition through the combination of online and offline interaction. How to evaluate the effect of network marketing in O2O model scientifically and effectively will become the new research focus. Based on the GIOWA operator method, this paper determines important indicators of evaluating network marketing performance in… 
Online Promotion of the E-Commerce Websites in Retail Market in China: An Empirical Study
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By comprising with the traditional assessment method, the results show that the high-conflict problem can be solved, and the proposed model is correct and effective for assessing service quality.
The model for the online shopping supply chain and its optimization based on online to offline
  • Yisheng Wu, S. Bai, Qinghua Lv
  • Business, Engineering
    2016 International Conference on Logistics, Informatics and Service Sciences (LISS)
  • 2016
The supply chain can gain more economic benefit and bring win-win effect to all itsMembers if they invest on the online to offline operation on the condition that all its members' profit is maximized.


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