Research on Complex Energy Production System for the Marine Environment Supervising Buoy

  title={Research on Complex Energy Production System for the Marine Environment Supervising Buoy},
  author={Su Yang and Namhyun Yoo and Won-jung Kim},
  journal={International Journal of Control and Automation},
Recently, aerial drone technology is widely introduced for easily monitoring the marine environment. Aerial drones are being considered due to the advantages including the monitoring capability of wider region for a long time and no restriction to power source for supplying electricity for a long time. Likewise, the reason for actively considering aerial drones for marine environmental monitoring use is due to the chronic restrictions that the traditional floating buoy has. In operating… 



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Abstract: W ave power generation systems operated in the ocean, has been developed as large power andgrid power connection systems in general. However, small wave power generation systems offer

Power converter and control system developed in the Ocean Sentinel instrumentation buoy for testing wave energy converters

The Ocean Sentinel instrumentation buoy was developed for the non-grid-connected testing of wave energy converters (WECs). This surface buoy provides power analysis and data acquisition,

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The state changes of ocean covered over 70% of earth surface are one of the greatest factor of weather catastrophe. Recently weather extraordinary events are followed by steep increase of sea water

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This study presents a mooring analysis of the Ocean Sentinel buoy, which is a mobile test platform for Wave Energy Converters (WECs). The Ocean Sentinel is owned and operated by the Northwest

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The hybrid power generation system is designed according to simulation results, and is tested for checking the complement characteristic, and the characteristic simulation of solar and wind is performed by LabVIEW.

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The experiment result shows the design of a generic electronics system for a meteorological buoy capable to works well in term of data receive from buoy at base station, battery life time and able to work standalone without any power exhausted problem.

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The system model for development of radar surveillance system, which protects aquaculture farms, is proposed and is cost-effective when it is applied to domestic fishing households.

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A structure of WVMS using WLAN equipments for maritime environment and its effectiveness is confirmed and it is possible to be applied to fish-cage in open sea on `seogwipo`.

A Case Study on the ICT-Based Smart Aquaculture System by Applying u-Farms

The Economist was implied most of the major fisheries are procured by aquaculture in 2030 affected by the Aquaculture Revolution. William Hallal was also predicted that amount of aquatic products