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Research on Application of Data Encryption Technology in Computer Network Security Based on Multivariate Large Data Platform

  title={Research on Application of Data Encryption Technology in Computer Network Security Based on Multivariate Large Data Platform},
  author={Jinyong Liu},
Computer Network Application Has Become One of the Main Platforms for Enterprises and Individuals to Process Information and Data. in the Internet Database, Users Can Establish Private and Exclusive Network Storage Space to Save Personal Files and Information. Although the Era of Big Data Adds Luster to People's Life and Work, the Problem of Network Security Also Comes Quietly. Data Utilization Technology Has Made a Breakthrough Change, and Network Security Issues Have Naturally Become the… 


Secure Data Aggregation with Fully Homomorphic Encryption in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
This paper proposes Fully homomorphic Encryption based Secure data Aggregation (FESA) in LWSNs which can protect end-to-end data confidentiality and support arbitrary aggregation operations over encrypted data and can also verify data integrity during data aggregation and forwarding processes so that false data can be detected as early as possible.
Security Analysis of a Single Sign-On Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks
It is demonstrative that Chang and Lee's SSO scheme is actually insecure as it fails to meet credential privacy and soundness of authentication, and an efficient verifiable encryption of RSA signatures proposed by Ateniese is proposed for repairing the Chang-Lee scheme.
Secure and Efficient Image Retrieval over Encrypted Cloud Data
This paper proposes a novel image retrieval scheme over encrypted cloud data, which achieves high efficiency and confidentiality, and can achieve logarithmic search time.
Secure data aggregation in wireless sensor networks using homomorphic encryption
In this article, homomorphic encryption in a clustered WSN has been proposed for secure and efficient data collection using MAs and results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed secure data aggregation mechanism.
Lattice-Based Identity-Based Homomorphic Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption for Secure Big Data Computing in Cloud Environment
This paper combines conditionalproxy re-encryption with homomorphic encryption to construct a lattice-based identity-based homomorphic conditional proxy re- Encryption for secure big data computing in cloud environment.
FPGA based unified architecture for public key and private key cryptosystems
A new triple functional arithmetic unit for computing high radix RSA and ECC operations over GF(p) and GF(2p), which also can be extended to support AES operations is proposed, which took up 28.7% less hardware resources than implementing RSA, ECC, and AES individually.
Applied Cryptography Using Chaos Function for Fast Digital Logic-Based Systems in Ubiquitous Computing
This work provides an overview of how traditional data encryption techniques are revised and improved to achieve good performance in a secure communication network environment and an adaptive chaos based data encryption framework of secure communication for future research is proposed.
Secure and Efficient Image Retrieval over Encrypted Cloud Data. Security and Communication Networks
  • 2018