Research of Computer Supported Cooperative Consultation Platform Based on JXTA


This paper focuses on design and implementation of a computer supported cooperative consultation platform based on P2P (peer-to-peer) communication mode. In view of the JXTA framework has the advantages such as, interoperability, platform independence and ubiquity, the consultation platform is implemented based on JXTA framework. First, the analysis and description of cooperative consultation under P2P mode is researched. And the general structure and concrete module of platform are designed. Then, based on the elementary peer group services offered by the JXTA general framework, the paper analyzes and studies the specific implementation of the key technologies such as, instant messaging, conference management and control, sharing and searching resources. Finally the security strategy of the platform is studied. The platform is not reflected by resources and computing ability of the single server and has good expansibility. The equipment fault diagnosis based on this platform is more rapid and more effective. It improves the military work efficiency and the equipment intact rate.

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