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Research and Development of the Asparagus Health Wine Technology

  title={Research and Development of the Asparagus Health Wine Technology},
  author={Ding Zhen},
  • Ding Zhen
  • Published 2010
  • Chemistry
  • Produce health wine with asparagus. Asparagus juice is extracted from asparagus leaf with enzymolysis. After the juice is fermented, filtrated and with post-processing procedures, a kind of 32° asparagus health wine will be produced successfully. The additive amount of the composite enzyme is 35 U/mL, 60 min, and the mass ratio of asparagus juice∶sugar∶honey is 10∶5∶1. The additive amount of SO2 is 90 mg/L and the dosage of acid protease is 3 U/g. The technique and formula of health wine is… CONTINUE READING

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