Research and Development of ${\rm Nb}_{3}{\rm Sn}$ Wires and Cables for High-Field Accelerator Magnets

  title={Research and Development of \$\{\rm Nb\}_\{3\}\{\rm Sn\}\$  Wires and Cables for High-Field Accelerator Magnets},
  author={Emanuela Barzi and Alexander V. Zlobin},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
The latest strategic plans for high energy physics endorse steadfast superconducting magnet technology R&D for future energy frontier facilities. This includes 10 to 16 T Nb3Sn accelerator magnets for the luminosity upgrades of the Large Hadron Collider and eventually for a future 100 TeV-scale proton-proton (pp) collider. This paper describes the multi-decade R&D investment in the Nb3Sn superconductor technology, which was crucial to produce the first reproducible 10 to 12 T accelerator… CONTINUE READING