[Research advance in catalytic kinetics of soil hydrolase].


Soil hydrolase is a group of soil enzymes that participated in many important biochemical reactions in soil and correlated with soil nutrient transformations. The catalytic kinetics of soil hydrolase can illuminate the characteristics of its catalytic processes, its substantial properties, and its response to environmental changes. This paper summarized the kinds of soil hydrolase and the main soil biochemical reactions they catalyzed, and summed up the research advances of their catalytic kinetics in soil. Some advices were proposed in understanding their action mechanism and in regulating their catalytic processes.

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@article{Zhang2003ResearchAI, title={[Research advance in catalytic kinetics of soil hydrolase].}, author={Yulan Zhang and Lijun Chen and Guifen Liu and Zhijie Wu}, journal={Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology}, year={2003}, volume={14 12}, pages={2326-32} }