Research Methods in Education. Sixth Edition - by Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion and Keith Morrison

  title={Research Methods in Education. Sixth Edition - by Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion and Keith Morrison},
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Research Methods in Education. Sixth Edition. By Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion and Keith Morrison. Pp. 638. London and New York: Routledge. 2007. £24.99. ISBN 9780415368780. 
Inner Tensions in Changing Pedagogical Approaches in Mozambican Higher Education
The paper discusses tensions in the process of implementation of student-centered pedagogical approaches in Mozambican higher education. A qualitative study was carried out based on document analysExpand
Ugandan Teachers Epistemological Beliefs and Child-Led Research: Implications for Developing Inclusive Educational Practice
ABSTRACT There is a complementarity between Uganda’s aim for ‘education for all’ and the pedagogy indicated as underpinning Uganda’s child-focused thematic curriculum. However, child-focusedExpand
The Influence of Socratic Questioning Technique and Students Critical Thinking toward Their Speaking Competence at SMA Negeri 11 Ambon
This study is aimed at 1) describing the students’ speaking competence and 2) students critical thinking skill; 3) finding out the positive and the significant difference in speaking competenceExpand
An Indigenous Approach to Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices (S-STEP) in Aotearoa New Zealand
ABSTRACT This research utilised a Māori-centred framework called Te Ao o Pakirehua (the world of inquiry) to inquire into teaching practices and involved two indigenous and two non-indigenous InitialExpand
Considerations in designing and evaluating material aimed at meeting the training and development needs of prospective teachers undertaking intensive initial ELT teacher education programmes
There has been very little research on the effects of initial teacher education in English language teaching (ELT), especially in the context of short intensive pre-service courses. Even more scarceExpand
Professional development in English for specific purposes: designing the curriculum of an online ESP teacher education course
Despite the developments in the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) field, the field of ESP Teacher Education (TE) remains neglected. Research in the area of ESP TE has not been given much attention,Expand
Development of the Distributed Leadership Practice for Inclusive Education (DLPIE) scale
Inclusive education reform is a continuous process and it requires all the members of a school community to accept that not all children are ready to learn the same thing in the same manner at theExpand
Problematising School-Based Mentoring for Pre-Service Primary English language Teachers
ABSTRACT Despite the growing interest in investigating the practice of mentoring during the practicum regardless of field focus, research is scarce in relation to how mentoring is seen and enacted inExpand
ICT Competency of Mathematics Teachers at Secondary Schools of Nepal
This study aimed to investigate ICT competency of mathematics teachers at secondary schools of Nepal. A cross-sectional survey design was deployed among 336 secondary school teachers of Nepal. TheExpand
The Effects of Reading Method on the Comprehension Performance of Saudi EFL Students.
In this study I investigated the relative effects of different reading methods on the comprehension performance of Saudi EFL 10th grade male students. The scores of participants who read threeExpand