Research Data Curation Pilots: Lessons Learned

  title={Research Data Curation Pilots: Lessons Learned},
  author={David Minor and Matt Critchlow and Arwen Hutt and Declan Fleming and Mary Linn Bergstrom and Don Sutton},
  journal={Int. J. Digit. Curation},
In the spring of 2011, the UC San Diego Research Cyberinfrastructure (RCI) Implementation Team invited researchers and research teams to participate in a research curation and data management pilot program. This invitation took the form of a campus-wide solicitation. More than two dozen applications were received and, after due deliberation, the RCI Oversight Committee selected five curation-intensive projects. These projects were chosen based on a number of criteria, including how they… 
Modelling the Digital Research Data Lifecycle
This paper develops and tests a lifecycle model for the preservation of research data by investigating the research practices of scientists. This research is based on a mixedmethod approach. An
Scholarly Communication and Data
The purpose of this chapter is to provide foundational knowledge for the data librarian by developing an understanding of the place of data within the current paradigm of networked digital scholarly communication.
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