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Research Article Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation - A Critical Study on its Functioning During the Period 1995- 2012

  title={Research Article Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation - A Critical Study on its Functioning During the Period 1995- 2012},
  author={Revikumar Kg and R. S. Veena and S. Sandhya Lekshmi and Prabal Kumar Manna},
The Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation Limited, (TNMSC), is the first Government Corporation established by an Indian state to look after the procurement and supply of medicines for the public health facilities of the state. TNMSC was established on 1st July 1994 and started functioning in January 199. At the time of establishment of TNMSC, other than the Delhi Drug Policy started in 1994, there was no other state policy on medicines in India. In the beginning there was a strong, but… 

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The Tamil Nadu health care model illustrates that key to the success of public health governance system is an E- healthcare structured on a robust IT foundation and proves that the combination of political commitment to health, participation of political strengths and community involvement, a sensible investment in the primary health care centers with regard to education and technology can help in achieving good health all in low income households.

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In 1994 a couple of Indian states ventured to introduce innovative methods in medicine procurement with the primary objective of making uninterrupted availability of essential medicines in their government hospitals and TNMSC could introduce many innovations and thereby revolutionize the public drug procurement system in the country.

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An alternative policy framework for Tamil Nadu to improve the performance of its public healthcare system is provided and it is suggested that to start with financing and the management of recurrent expenditure should be done at the local level through the panchayats.

Initiatives in Policy Making and Delivery of Drugs -A case study of Tamil Nadu. Gujarat Institute of Development Research. Report submitted to World Bank

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