Requirements for an Enterprise AI Benchmark

  title={Requirements for an Enterprise AI Benchmark},
  author={C{\'e}dric Bourrasset and France Boillod-Cerneux and Ludovic Sauge and Myrtille Deldossi and Francois Wellenreiter and Rajesh Bordawekar and Susan Malaika and Jean-Armand Broyelle and Marc West and Brian M. Belgodere},
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now the center of attention for many industries, ranging from private companies to academic institutions. While domains of interest and AI applications vary, one concern remains unchanged for everyone: How to determine if an end-to-end AI solution is performant? As AI is spreading to more industries, what metrics might be the reference for AI applications and benchmarks in the enterprise space? This paper intends to answer some of these questions. At present, the… CONTINUE READING

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