Requirement of oxidation-dependent CD40 homodimers for CD154/CD40 bidirectional signaling.

  title={Requirement of oxidation-dependent CD40 homodimers for CD154/CD40 bidirectional signaling.},
  author={Carlos Reyes-Moreno and Ehssan Sharif-Askari and Julie Girouard and Claire L{\'e}veill{\'e} and Malek Jundi and Ali Akoum and R{\'e}jean Lapointe and Andr{\'e} Darveau and Walid M Mourad},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={282 27},
It is well established that the CD154/CD40 interaction is required for T cell-dependent B cell differentiation and maturation. However, the early molecular and structural mechanisms that orchestrate CD154 and CD40 signaling at the T cell/APC contact site are not well understood. We demonstrated that CD40 engagement induces the formation of disulfide-linked (dl) CD40 homodimers that predominantly associate with detergent-resistant membrane microdomains. Mutagenesis and biochemical analyses… CONTINUE READING

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