Requirement of caprine arthritis encephalitis virus vif gene for in vivo replication.

  title={Requirement of caprine arthritis encephalitis virus vif gene for in vivo replication.},
  author={Abdallah Harmache and Pierre Russo and François Guiguen and Christian Vitu and Mariana Vignoni and M Bouyac and Corinne Hieblot and Michel P{\'e}pin and Robert Vigne and Marie Suzan},
  volume={224 1},
Replication of vif-caprine arthritis encephalitis virus (CAEV) is highly attenuated in primary goat synovial membrane cells and blood-derived macrophages compared to the wild-type (wt) virus. We investigated the requirement for CAEV Vif for in vivo replication and pathogenicity in goats by intra-articular injection of either infectious proviral DNA or viral supernatants. Wild-type CAEV DNA or virus inoculation induced persistent infection resulting in severe inflammatory arthritic lesions in… CONTINUE READING

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