Requirement for N-cadherin-catenin complex in heart development.

  title={Requirement for N-cadherin-catenin complex in heart development.},
  author={Oksana O. Piven and Igor E. Kostetskii and Larysa L. Macewicz and Yurii M Kolomiets and Glenn L Radice and Lubov L. Lukash},
  journal={Experimental biology and medicine},
  volume={236 7},
Cell adhesion, mediated by N-cadherin, is critical for embryogenesis since N-cadherin-null embryos die during mid-gestation with multiple developmental defects. To investigate the role of N-cadherin in heart muscle development, N-cadherin was specifically deleted from myocardial cells in mice. The structural integrity of the myocardial cell wall was compromised in the N-cadherin mutant embryos, leading to a malformed heart and a delay in embryonic development. In contrast, cardiac-specific… CONTINUE READING