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Requiem: The Medieval Monastic Cemetery in Britain

  title={Requiem: The Medieval Monastic Cemetery in Britain},
  author={R. Gilchrist and Barney Sloane},
A Study of Post-Depositional Funerary Practices in Medieval England.
Peri-mortem treatment of the body and the fate of the soul after death throughout the English medieval period (c.600-1550) have been extensively studied. However, the post-depositional fate of
Covering the Dead in Later Prehistoric Britain: Elusive Objects and Powerful Technologies of Funerary Performance
This paper examines the containment and covering of people and objects in burials throughout later prehistory in Britain. Recent analyses of grave assemblages with exceptionally well-preserved
Charnel practices in medieval England: new perspectives
ABSTRACT Studies of English medieval funerary practice have paid limited attention to the curation of human remains in charnel houses. Yet analysis of architectural, archaeological and documentary
The Smiling Abbot: Rediscovering a Unique Medieval Effigial Slab
The article reports on a newly re-discovered fragment of a recumbent effigial slab commemorating Abbot Hywel (‘Howel’), most likely an abbot of the Cistercian house of Valle Crucis, near Llangollen
Materialising Modern Cemeteries : Archaeological narratives of Assistens cemetery, Copenhagen
This doctoral thesis examines the encounter between the dead and the living within 19th and 20th century landscape cemeteries. It shows how the relationship unfolds through the materiality and
Reconstructing Christian lifeways: a bioarchaeological study of medieval inhabitants from Portmahomack, Scotland and Norton Priory, England.
This thesis investigates lifeways of medieval Christian communities from Portmahomack, Northeast Scotland and Norton Priory, Northwest England, to ascertain the extent to which skeletal indicators of
The Apotropaic Symbolled Threshold to Nevern Castle—Castell Nanhyfer
Excavations in the summer of 2011 at Nevern Castle (Castell Nanhyfer) revealed a previously unknown southern entrance to the castle constructed of clay mortared slate in the final quarter of the
Excavations at the Hospital of St Mary Magdalen, Partney, Lincolnshire, 2003
Abstract The Hospital of St Mary Magdalen, Partney has seen the first major excavation of a minor rural hospital. Existing by c 1115, it was amongst the earliest hospitals founded in Britain after
Magic for the Dead? The Archaeology of Magic in Later Medieval Burials
Abstract This paper examines patterns in the placement of apotropaic objects and materials in high- to late-medieval burials in Britain (11th to 15th centuries). It develops an interdisciplinary