Repurposing Strategies for Therapeutics

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Drug repurposing refers to the development of existing drugs for new indications. These drugs may have (i) failed to show efficacy in late stage clinical trials, without safety issues; (ii) stalled in development for commercial reasons; (iii) passed the point of patent expiry; or (iv) are being explored in new geographical markets. Over the past 5 years, pressure on the industry caused by the ‘innovation gap’ of rising development costs and stagnant product output have become major reasons for… 

Drug Repurposing: Far Beyond New Targets for Old Drugs

This approach is of interest primarily because the authors continue to face significant gaps in the drug–target interactions matrix and to accumulate safety and efficacy data during clinical studies.

Drug reformulations and repositioning in the pharmaceutical industry and their impact on market access: regulatory implications

Evaluating the regulatory path associated with each type of repurposing strategy according to the previously proposed nomenclature confirmed that repositioning strategies were usually filed under a more complex regulatory process than reformulations.

Drug repurposing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) treatment

Drug Repositioning: New Approaches and Future Prospects for Life-Debilitating Diseases and the COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak

The past success in drug repositioning, the current technological advancement in the field, drug Repositioning for personalised medicine and the ongoing research on newly emerging drugs under consideration for the COVID-19 treatment are discussed.

Drug repositioning: Progress and challenges in drug discovery for various diseases

Need for a Standardized Translational Drug Development Platform: Lessons Learned from the Repurposing of Drugs for COVID-19

A methodology to test repurposed and experimental drugs to generate robust preclinical evidence for further clinical development and proposes clear prerequisites for progression of drug candidates for repurposing into clinical trials.

Drug reformulations and repositioning in pharmaceutical industry and its impact on market access: reassessment of nomenclature

A harmonized nomenclature for drug repositioning, reformulation, and combination cases will allow for a robust analysis of the added value and market access conditions attributed for each strategy and case type as assessed by regulators and payors in Europe and the United States.



Matchmaking service links up researchers to wallflower drugs

The Pharmaceutical Assets Portal pairs researchers looking for drugs to test with pharmaceutical companies that have these castaway compounds, and revived a cholesterol-lowering drug abandoned by Bristol-Myers Squibb, finding that the drug could bring down the sky-high levels of cholesterol in people with an inherited disorder.

Lessons from 60 years of pharmaceutical innovation

  • B. Munos
  • Political Science, Biology
    Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
  • 2009
Analysis of the record of pharmaceutical innovation by analysing data on the companies that introduced the ∼1,200 new drugs that have been approved by the FDA since 1950 shows that the new-drug output from pharmaceutical companies in this period has essentially been constant, and remains so despite the attempts to increase it.

Drug discovery dilemma and Cura quartet collaboration.

Why big pharma needs to learn the three 'R's

  • D. Bradley
  • Business
    Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
  • 2005
Small companies continue to capitalize in finding alternative uses or improved versions of drugs originating from large companies, including biopharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Medicine. The NIH Roadmap.

The NIH Roadmap identifies the most compelling opportunities in three arenas: new pathways to discovery, research teams of the future, and reengineering the clinical research enterprise.


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The NIH Roadmap

Integration of indications discovery efforts at Pfizer

  • International Drug Discovery 2010;
  • 2010

Pharmaceutical product relaunch : preserving market share through line extension and new market entry strategies

  • Drug repurposing
  • 2007